Automatic Blackmagic ATEM scene switcher for multicam setups.

Lyda analyses all the audio channels coming from your audio mixer and talks with the ATEM to change scene. This allows for a fully autonomous operation, and is ideal in situations where having a dedicated producer to change scenes is not possible.


In order to provide support and keep improving Lyda, I have chosen to provide easy downloads for a small fee. This grants you access to current Mac downloads and future updates to the software.


Roadmap and issue tracking

A Trello board for Lyda is maintained and frequently updated with known bugs, development status and future plans for the project.


What do I need to use Lyda?

You'll need an audio mixer that takes all the inputs into a single audio device, so having individual microphones plugged into the host machine would not work. The Blackmagic ATEM will have to be plugged in by ethernet as Lyda uses the IP address to communicate with it.

How do I find the IP address of the ATEM?

Install the ATEM Switchers software and connect your ATEM via USB. In the configuration panel you may set the ATEM to automatically get an IP address from the router (DHCP) or set a manual one. Regardless of which option you choose, write the address down and type it into Lyda.

How do I get started?

Ease of use has been an integral part of Lyda development ever since the beginning, and we're constantly trying to make it even easier for every update.

To get started, open Lyda, select the audio mixer, type in the number of channels it has, the audio level threshold before the scene switches, and the ATEM IP. You'll also need to set up the mappings and map the audio channels that have microphones with the ATEM inputs.

There is currently a bug that sometimes hides the input fields; a small resize of the window fixes it. This is purely a visual bug that doesn't interfere with the core functionality, and efforts are being made to adress the bug.

Do you offer refunds?

As a general rule software is not refundable, but if we after diagnostics and troubleshooting see that Lyda just won't work on your system, then a refund may be given.


If you need any help setting up Lyda with your system or have encountered any bugs, drop me an e-mail at